Affordable jewelry and precious metals

Affordable jewelry and precious metals

The Oracle chainlinkchainlinkchainlink is a Oracle network, which solves the interoperability problem for the blockchain smart contract, and connects it safely to the offline data source, webapi and traditional bank payment system. Chainlink greatly enriches the application scenarios of smart contract, which can be applied in many industries such as finance, insurance and supply chain. Chainlink provides secure and reliable Oracle services for large enterprises such as Google, Oracle and swift, as well as Polkadot and leading smart contract development teams such as substratesynththetix, loopring, AAVE, openlaw and conflux. Chainlink allows anyone to securely provide smart contracts, access to critical external data, offline payments and any other API functionality. Any user with a data feed, offline service (such as local payment), or any other API caAffordable jewelry and precious metalsn directly offer it to a smart contract in exchange for a link token. It was launched by smartcontract, a San Francisco Financial technology company, in June 2017. The developers described it as a kind of secure blockchain middleware,

According to the data monitoring of Chengdu Lianan blockchain security situational awareness platform, there were more than 12 typical security incidents in April. There were successive thunderstorms in Ethereum and defi, and all kinds of fraud were still active. Three security incidents occurred in defi: the imbtc pool on uniswap was re attacked by hackers, resulting in a loss of more than $300000; It was attacked by a re-entry attack similar to the uniswap event;

Link news, defo aggregate revenue agreement (yfi) the community has approved the yip51 proposal, the content of which is to set up the yvaultv2 fee structure, that is, to cancel the withdrawal fee of yvaultv2, and adjust the fee structure to 2% management fee and 20% profit performance fee. In addition, yvaultv2 is currently in the late stage of development, has started testing, and is undergoing security audit, which may take weeks before it is launched. At present, the profit performance fee of yvaultv1 is 5%, and the withdrawal fee is 0-0.5%.

UMA announced that it would transfer the liquidity of UMA token from uniswapv1 to V2 within 24 hours. At the same time, the risklabs foundation, the team behind UMA, will add an 80 / 20 liquidity pool on the balancer, which will improve UMA's liquidity. in other words,

It will be run by nearly 100 researchers from all over the world for 8 weeks. It is estimated that 10 hours will be invested each week. "Although experimentalists are suitable for this program, lifelong learners are the first choice. The project will include eight modules, such as blockchain history, Web3 campaign, Finance (defi), community building and token economics. The deadline for kernel application is June 16, and it is planned to run from June 22 to August 10.

Defi aggregate revenue agreement (yfi) the withdrawal fee of some users is seAffordable jewelry and precious metalst at 5% due to the error of strategy yfi governance. It said that the additional fee charged by yyfi temporary Treasury for each withdrawal was set at 5% at block heights of 10923319 to 10954777, instead of 0.5% as originally planned. The overcharge has been allocated to 23 affected users. Besides, It said it was currently processing the return of EMN project assets. Chain news previously reported that the game project (EMN) was hacked and $15 million worth of money was stolen, of which $8 million was stolen into andrecronje's address. Andrecronje later said that it would use the money to compensate users who had bought tokens before 10954410.

Ethereum based synthetix announced the establishment of grant sdao, an autonomous organization of five members, and began to accept project proposals. Grantsdao will be responsible for reviewing the project proposals that contribute to synthetix ecology, which will be funded by SNx token after being approved, and all proposals will be published on the website. Synthetix announced at the end of last year that the project will transition from the foundation governance model to the Dao governance model, which will start the transition in its legal and commercial structure, agreement governance and product optimization, and finally realize the establishment of synthxtix Dao, and grants Dao is the first stage of the plan.