International Precious Metals Institute (ipmi) Element Award Student Award

International Precious Metals Institute (ipmi) Element Award Student Award

If 95% of the trading volume of a token comes from a single exchange, then averaging it with the other four will reduce the qualInternational Precious Metals Institute (ipmi) Element Award Student Awardity of the data. He said that if the transaction volume of an asset in the CEX under the chain is larger, the data of chainlink is very important, but as DEX continues to erode the trading volume of CEX, the relevance of CEX data will continue to decline. Finally, Adams also said that the current AMM (automatic market maker) is still in a very early stage, so it may be easier to change the price on AMM than on the order book. This is due to low capital efficiency, but it will not exist for a long time. AMM will eventually have a much higher operating cost than CEX.

The M & A of the defi Fund announced on twitter that it had purchased 375 original token mph for the fixed rate generation agreement of defi. Based on the purchase price, 88 mph was diluted and valued at US $18 million. M & A said it wanted to invest in 88mph, but it was rejected. "M & a" said that although 88mph failed on the first day of its launch, it wanted to learn from its mistakes and gain experience. The "M & a" of the defi fund is supported by (yfi) founder andrecronje and Molly wintermute, anonymous founder of the on Chain Option Agreement hegic, jointly established a $3 million DFI fund funded by the hegic development fund to invest in the core developers and code of the defi project. Molly wintermute says developers who want to make an investment need only show them code, not promotional materials. "M & a" tweets that the fund only invests in defi agreements or projects and does not need any investment from other funds. On November 16, 88mph started liquidity mining. Users can obtain mph tokens by depositing ausdc, cusdc, CuNi, yusd and ycrvsbtc tokens and purchasing floating interest bonds. More income can be obtained by participating in platform pledge and providing liquidity for MPH / eth. Soon after, the project was closed within 24 hours because of the emergency response of the mine.

848000 kava tokens (worth about 10 million US dollars), the proposal was considered valid when the proportion of online voting was 58.87%, reaching the quorum. The proposal suggests that kava will open the kava coinage award scheme at 22:00 p.m. on July 29, five days later.

Only chain officially released the Chinese version of white paper 2.0, which will describe the key factors in the business consensus stage of the blockchain industry, the application of authoritative certification 2.0 in commerce, and strengthening the transaction model. In his New Year message, sunny Lu, CEO of chain only, said that "the Chinese version of the white paper 2.0 of vichain is the result of summarizing and sublimating the development process of vichain, and it also presents more mature, clear and firm development ideas.". According to Lianwen's previous report, sunny Lu, CEO of vichain, said in an interview with overseas media for the first time on the open finance (defi) involved in the white paper 2.0: Although vichain previously focused on supply chain and other scenarios, now is the time for vichain to enter the field of defi, such as "mortgage, asset and cross chain agreement" in financial applications. In the interview, he said: "in white paper 2.0, there is a special chapter to detail the application of only chain Raytheon blockchain in open finance. Only when enough business activities run on the blockchain will there be demand for financial applications. ".

According to dune analytics, the total number of defi users so far has reached 238400, an increase of more than 23% from the beginning of June. Among them,

According to nexustracker, the effective coverage of nexus mutual reached US $140 million, a daily increase of 59% compared with yesterday's $88 million. Previously, Lianwen reported that BZX found a significant decrease in the total lock in value (TVL) of the protocol at 3:2International Precious Metals Institute (ipmi) Element Award Student Award8 a.m. EST on September 14, and confirmed that several itokens had security incidents due to code vulnerabilities at 6:18 a.m.

BZX issued itoken duplicate accident report. According to the report, all the lost assets have been recovered and stored in the team's wallet, and the loan pool will be restored. In addition, the team paid a $45000 reward to Marc thelan, a bug reporter. Subsequently, BZX update progress said that the loan pool has been restored and the funds are no longer in the team wallet. In addition, the blockchain security company peckshield wrote to the BZX community that "several rounds of security have been carried out on the project before, and 16 problems of different severity levels have been found. This itoken repeat shows that identifying all potential problems is a huge challenge. We have always stressed in our audit reports that one audit may not be enough, suggesting multiple audits and a bug reward program. BZX and peckshield are working on a plan to re-examine the protocol and monitor in real time on some of the key blockchain data metrics. "

The first phase of liquidity mining is based on uniswapuniswap, a simple token free exchange protocol called shapeshift or Bancor, which has been launched on the main network. Writing with Vyper, gas consumption is extremely low. Uniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuni view more hget / eth fund pools. The reward pool is 7500hget, and there are 2500hget special rewards. The activity starts on October 5, and the liquidity voucher (lptoken) needs to be locked in the hedge for two weeks. Hedget estimates the annualized rate of return for the event is 260% to 110%.