Gulf precious metals

Gulf precious metals

Horizon's fund pool will refund all gas fee costs for token casting, while the cost of joining the existing token pool is lower, so users will have to pay their own gas fees. According to, horizonfinance is a floating and fixed interest rate market with liquidity incentives. It hopes to establish a platform that does not need excessive collateral, avoid the participants' volatile losses, eliminate the risk of agreement collapse due to excessive unfunded fixed liabilities, and establish an accurate weighted average market interest rate. The goal of the first stage is to estabGulf precious metalslish a zero sum, fair competition ecology for participants to hedge or speculate on any potential interest rate trend.

Opyn announced the launch of a DPI call with a maturity date of November 20 and an exercise price of $100. Defipulseindex (DPI) is the first managed index launched by index cooperative (established by asset management protocol setprotocol) and defipulse, a real-time data analysis platform.

Multicoin capital, a well-known blockchain investment institution, released a new thematic investment report, stressing once again that the encryption industry is expected to be priced in 2019 US dollars, with a potential market value of US $1 billion (the institution had issued a report in 2018 to put forward this expectation), and proposed that open finance, Web3 and borderless currency are the three core investment themes, which will last for 10 years or even more Create a return on investment over time. Open finance refers to making stock, bond, real estate, currency and other assets on the chain, making them operable, programmable and composable, so as to make the capital market more open and efficient; Web3 allows consumers to master their own data, changing the current situation of large institutions mastering user data, so as to change the current problem of Internet giants monopolizing data, which will be a new value The creators provide opportunities; the borderless currency is called "digital gold". However, multicoin believes that the framework of "digital gold" is narrow and seriously underestimates this opportunity. From the perspective of breadth and usage scenarios, globalization and borderless currency cover digital gold and contain huge potential markets. "The transition from a trust based economy to an autonomous economy will be one of the largest wealth transfers in human history," multicoin capital said in the report. "

Defi aggregate revenue agreement Update the Treasury data, the current total assets of more than 500000 US dollars, 501697.19 US dollars. It said that the token worth US $66678 has been transferred into the governance contract and the governance award distribution continues to be started, and users can obtain rewards through pledge and voting.

3. Integrate USDX, goldx and dtoken as built-in functions to meet the functional requirements of the protocol (e.g YAM.Finance Ycrv is used to adjust the flexible supply mechanism.

Aavegotchi, the first NFT digital collection platform based on the loan asset ateken in AAVE ecology, added a joint curve on the Ethereum test network rinkeby. In the latest tweet from AAVE founder stani kulechov, the bonding curve has been combined with DAICO anGulf precious metalsd adopted by aavegotchi. DAICO is a combination of Dao and ICO. Originally proposed by vitalik buterin, founder of Ethereum in January 2018, DAICO is an improvement on traditional ICO financing mode,