Demo precious metals trading

Demo precious metals trading

Kava, a cross chain defi protocol, will be launched on gateway11k test network at 22:00 p.m. on October 12. The version test network is an exact replica of tDemo precious metals tradinghe main network. Kava verifiers will run and test their product settings at 22:00 on October 15 to ensure that the main network starts smoothly.

Hummingbot, an open-source automated trading software, is released in GitHub. Users can create and customize automatic algorithm trading robots and make market in centralized digital asset exchanges. The speed and efficiency of programming are optimized by using high-frequency technology such as cymmthon. Hummingbot said it had established strategic alliances with a number of financial (defi) projects, including currency security, trading agreement 0x, exchange radar and DdeX. Hummingbot was launched by coin alpha, a crypto asset investment firm. Founded in 2017, hummingbot is located in mountain view, California, USA. It is invested by Bain Capital Venture Capital, ironfire ventures, sharespost and Stanford startx funds. Michael Feng, co-founder of coinalpha, graduated from Stanford University and worked at JPMorgan and Citigroup, according to In addition, Taiyang Zhang, chief executive officer of Republic protocol, and John Wu, chief executive officer of sharespost, are consultants to coinalpha.

Kyle Kistner, co-founder, said at the beginning that "part of eth has been lost. This incident is due to the exploitation of a contract, which has been temporarily closed by BZX. Safety researchers are currently investigating the exact cause of the accident and said they will publish detailed afterward investigation reports, and the remaining funds are safe. Because of this incident, BZX closed the fulcrum trading platform for maintenance. According to defipulse, in the past 24 hours, the BZX agreement proposed 3300 eth, which is about $932000. Industry insiders estimate that the loss is about $350000. Yang Min Dao, founder of dforce & blockpower, said the incident was a manipulation between four defi protocols. The whole operation path is that the operator borrows 10000 eth from dydx through flash loan, of which 5000eth lends 112wbtc in compound, and opens a blank order of wbtc on BZX, and then uses wbtc borrowed by compound to smash the disk in uniswap, which leads to a big profit in the short position of BZX and a loss of eth lender of BZX.

According to official news, okchain, the public owned chain of okex, has been officially renamed "okexchain". Any individual or community organization can establish its own blockchain application based on okexchain. The eight features of okex trading chain are as follows: 1) the public chain with full open source and open nodes launched by okex can be elected as the super node of okexchain, which is a complete public chain; 2) high performance public chain oriented to transaction scenarios; 3) complete community autonomy, and anyone can create his own token based on okexchain; 4) anyone can create his own liquidity pool or In the future, it supports EVM and all smart contracts of Ethereum, and all Ethereum contracts can be directly migrated to okexchain for deployment and operation; 7) it is a cross platform client software, okexdex, which can be used for all operations, including issuing token, creating currency pair, creating liquidity pool, participating in AMM or orderbook transactions, and supporting windows, MAC and other systems; 6) in the future, it supports EVM and is compatible with all the smart contracts of Ethereum, and all Ethereum contracts can be directly migrated to okexchain for deployment and operation; 7) not only It will support liquidity pool and order book transactions, and in the future it will also support Oracle machines to support liquidity pool or order book transactions of various derivatives such as leverage and sustainability; 8) okex will launch a cross chain gateway to support the migration of various mainstream assets to okexchain. In the future, it will also support IBC cross chain scheme, and relay will forward cross chain transactions.

Ocean protocol releases V2 compute to data, which can protect privacy when trading data. This version has been run on Pacific and Nile. There are three data providers of "protocol app" and "data provider of transaction promotion" respectively. The new version adds a role - compute provider. The calculation provider can be in the same role as the data provider, or it can be separated from the data provider (calculating the data). The new version also adds two new features, the operator service responsible for managing workflow and executing requests, and the operator engine, which is responsible for choreographing the computing infrastructure using kubernetes as the back end. In addition, V2 computing data version also introduces a new asset type algorithm, which is a script that can be executed on the dataset. The ocean protocol is a protocol dedicated to the use of blockchain technology to achieve data sharing for artificial intelligence.

It accounted for 9.67% of the total circulation of EOS market. In the past week, on the whole: 1. Affected by the coming online of maker multi mortgage Dai, the overall lock up of Dai has decreased by 38.45%, including 9.38 million compound loDemo precious metals tradingcks and 1.67 million dydx locks; 2. The overall lock up value of the defi project has decreased by 1.91% compared with the previous week.