Precious metal futures expiry calendar

Precious metal futures expiry calendar

Bancor, the liquidity network, announced details of the V2 versiPrecious metal futures expiry calendaron on its official blog and said it was expected to be officially released in the second quarter. Bancor V2 will integrate the automated market maker liquidity pool of chainlink price predictor, provide 100% liquidity options for single token, develop more effective joint curve to reduce slip points, and support lending agreements.

The revenue is realized by AAVE, compound and dydx. It is a re launched product, bringing a new set of yield tools, such as ytrade, yliquidate, yleverage, ypool and smart contract credit entrusted loan. The finance community launched a discussion on the proposal to increase the remuneration of strategists. The discussion said that at present, the strategists can obtain 0.5% of the strategic revenue, which is not a problem in V1, because the Aum and APR of each strategy in V1 are very high, but in V2, each vault will adopt multiple strategies, which means that the Aum and APR benefits of a vault need to To be shared by multiple strategists.

The cross platform hierarchical derivative agreement, barnbridgebarnbridgebarnbridge, uses fixed rate of return and volatility to mark the product risk in batches, and its original token is bond. The project plans to launch "smart bond", a fixed and floating rate product based on Ethereum and guaranteed by DFI income, and a derivative "smart alpha bond" that can hedge the market price fluctuation of any erc20 token. In the 12 hours after the start of liquidity mining, the total lock up volume (TVL) reached $148 million. Users who provide liquidity can start to withdraw revenue at 8:00 on October 26, and the incentive will last for 100 weeks. Lianwen once reported that barnbridge completed a $1 million seed round financing, and the investors involved included four revolution capital, parafi capital, kainwarwick, founder of synthetix, stani kulechov, managing partner of darmac capital, Andrew keys, centrality, blockchain companies and dahret group.

The Ethereum smart wallet argent, which supports defi, has completed a round of $12 million financing led by the encryption risk fund paradigm. Robert Leshner, founder of compound, and Index Ventures, an investment institution, participated in the investment. At present, the total financing amount of argent has reached 16 million US dollars. Itamar lesuisse, chief executive of argent, said: "during the six-month internal test period, argent has more than 3000 active users, and more than half of them have used the defi function.". Paradigm is an encryption risk fund founded by Fred ehrsam, co-founder of coinbase. It has participated in the projects related to defi such as makerdao and uniswap. Lianwen previously reported that argent announced the completion of $4 million seed round financing at the end of 2018,

according to DAppTotal.comDeFi According to the data on the special page: up to now, the total lock up funds of 32 difi projects have reached 1.13 billion US dollars, of which eosrex lock up US $352 million, accounting for 31.08%, ranking the first; maker locking up $313 million, accounting for 27.66%, ranking second;

Okcoin, the cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of the defi price Oracle, which can provide price data from the trading platform. Okpoint Oracle allows anyone to access its API ports, the price is Precious metal futures expiry calendarsigned by okpoint, and the private key is protected by an authenticated infrastructure. The goal is to provide a reliable source of price information for the defi ecosystem to help eliminate or reduce current Oracle vulnerabilities. Okpoint Oracle has supported on Chain Pricing of loan agreement compound.

According to data collected by defipulse, the assets locked in the defi ecosystem exceeded $1 billion for the first time at the time of the release of the chain. Among them, makerdao is dominant and locked assets account for 59.62%.

Opyn, an on chain option platform, announced the restart of erc20 token options, and launched two new option contracts, yfi and weth. Opyn said it had stress tested the agreement in the past two weeks, implemented strong monitoring and reviewed the internal testing process.

By issuing fully pledged and customized digital credit on distributed account books, a trust free credit network is created for enterprises, which enables enterprises to exchange with each other safely, timely and transparently. Veloprotocol investors include Thailand Zhengda Group, interstellar, hashkey capital, stellar development foundation and other institutions.